Web design, customer service & social media. Work I have done...
Part of my role at Lilliput Stores has been to run their online delivery and collection service. This has involved managing their online web shop and to process orders, as well as promoting the service across social media.
The purpose of this project was to give the not for profit volunteer arts organisation a home to showcase their past events, and to enable ticket sales direct from their website for any of their upcoming concerts and exhibitions.
The Positive Space is a Dublin city-wide exhibition transforming empty billboards with photographs from leading Irish photographers. The focus of the site was to drive donations for the project to be funded, as well as providing a space for people to browse the exhibition online. The exhibition ran across billboards in Dublin from June 22 - July 12 2020.
While at SoundCloud I was responsible for developing the content and structure of the platforms help documents with the goal of reducing customer support contacts.
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